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“A Day In The Country” – Traditional Mexican Song

“Play music. Bring your inner child to life.”


Some of the guitars listed on this page may be for sale. If you are interested in finding out more about a particular guitar and/or purchasing one, please contact Lou.

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Larry Higgins Baroque Guitar – Rosewood Strips


Jose Oribe Classical Pro A 658 – 2005


Jose Oribe Classical Gran Suprema 664 Birdseye Maple, Cedar Top


Jose Oribe Classical Gran Suprema 664 – Lou’s Favorite


Jose Oribe Classical Professional A 650 – Alex’s Guitar – 9-27-1998


Jose Oribe Classical Gran Suprema 654


Jose Oribe Classical Gran Suprema 1-25-2002


Jose Ramirez Classical 1a 650 Brazilian Rosewood – 1993


Jose Ramirez Classical 2a 664 Brazilian Rosewood


Jose Luis Merlin Master By Melchor Rodriguez Classical #193-3 – 2000


Jose Luis Merlin Concert By Melchor Rodriguez Classical 1-A #143-4 – 2000


Cervantes Alejandro Rodriguez Classical 650


Greg Byers Classical – 2001


Erez Perlman Classical 650 Indian Rosewood – 2001


Holtier Classical #01004 650 – 1996


Yairi Classical #1669 880 Brazilian Rosewood – 1971


Yamaha Classical C-40A


Yamaha Classical C-330A


Yamaha Classical C-40 – Alex’s Guitar


Yamaha Classical G-235S


Sammick Child Classical Signature Model Cs6-ISN


Casa Brasil Youth Classical – Alex’s Guitar


Silent Travel Guitar With Case


Goodall Steel String Parlor Guitar


Martin Steel String D35 “S”


Washburn Signature Steel String 125 Anniversary


Washburn Steel String Parlor Guitar Pre-WWII


Harmony Sovereign Pre-WWII Steel String


Graedinger Steel String Custom #23 – Alex’s Guitar


Harmony Ukelele


Koa Wood Ukelele


Johnson Metal Ukelele


Silvertone Soprano Ukelele


Koa Wood Ukelele


Favilla Wood Ukelele


Gary Bennett Signature Uk70 Ukelele


Heavy-Duty Travel Velvet Lined Classical Guitar Case


Brown Velvet-Lined Classical Guitar Case


Black Velvet-Lined Classical Guitar Case


Burgundy Velvet-Lined Classical Guitar Case